Modified Bitumen Roofing

Bitumen is a sticky type of material. It is also called the waterproof material that is commonly used for flat roofing. Modified Bitumen is a combination of two materials such as:

Several layers of glass fiber and polyester fabric. Or it can be done separately

Bitumen is a sticky type of material.

Modified Bitumen Roofing

Bitumen is a sticky type of material. It is also called the water proof material that is commonly used for flat roofing. Modified Bitumen is a combination of two material such as; several layer of glass fiber and polyester fabric. Or it can be done separately. It is the choice of the customer which type of bitumen they are required for their house. Modified bitumen roofing is installed conventionally also. 

Bitumen is the most longer lasting choice for the flat roof. Modified bitumen roofing is a type of asphalt product that is used in a number of ways for the roof in all the seasons whether, its hot or cold. Modified Bitumen roofing is usually used by the homeowners who have flat roofs. The best part of this roofing material is it is versatile, affordable, long lasting, and the reliable one because it requires low-maintenance and it consider one of the most useful material of roofing. Now a days it become a prior choice of the customer for their homes. But before you go for the modified bitumen roofing for your home then there are several things you must be aware of and have complete knowledge of what are the factor that is making it versatile and the best choice flat for flat roofing. You also need to consider that it is right roofing for your home and how our team will complete the job for you flat roofing and provide you the most satisfactory result.

What is Bitumen Made of:

Bitumen is a sticky material and it is waterproof substance. That is used for your flat roofing. It is a very key component in asphalt. This material is usually during the construction, specially for flat roofing and paving. This is very useful and durable material for your home and have a lot of benefits. It is considered the highest demanding material for construction all around the world.

Bitumen as Roofing Material that is used for your flat roofing. It is used to bond the wall. Since due to its popularity it has become a leading roofing component in the world. It is type of water proofing material and have waterproofing capabilities. So, it is a perfect choice for the roofing system. Our team of experts are highly professional in providing the roofing services which are very necessary for fulfilling requirement of the customers.  We are working in this field from very longer period of time and the satisfaction of customer is our only motive.

Type of Bitumen:

There are two type of bitumen which will help you in selecting which one will suit your flat roof. They are;

Atactic Polypropylene Bitumen: Thermoplastic technique is used in this type of modified Bitumen. Which give the plastic quality that is very superbly work for your roof and our team of professional can fix and install it at its best. Our motive is to satisfy the customer. The best part of modified Bitumen is they are very durable and flexible and have a waterproofing facility to give you the best dream services.

Styrene-Butadiene: It has included butadiene to include the synthetic rubber modification. It includes sticky of melt that doesn’t loss quickly. It offers the flow that can lack the liquid. It is faster to install than Styrene-butadiene. it takes the lesser amount while installing. We will install it in a very lesser time and our team of professional will definitely provide you the best of our service to continue our legacy for providing the customer satisfaction.

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Establishment of the New Roofing Product

we introduce the genuine roofing material

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